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White Fronted

The White Fronted Amazon, Amazona albifrons, is a primarily green Amazon with white on the front of the face just above the beak, blue on the top of the head and red around the eyes. White Fronts are a sexually dimorphic species of Amazon with males having some red flight/alular feathers while the females have only green. In the wild, White Fronts live in northwest Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.


White Fronted Amazons are one of the smallest of the Amazons at approximately 10 inches in length, and weigh typically between 205-235 grams.


White Fronted Amazons are a small, spunky species of Amazon; they are very playful and outgoing. They are a fairly independent Amazon but love attention when they can get it. Like most Amazons, they are not very cuddly, but will accept skritching on their terms. White Fronts can be fairly good talkers, though they don’t speak as clearly as many of the other species of Amazon. One of our baby White Fronts named Rascal idolized and would imitate a lot of what Huckleberry, Susanne’s Double Yellow Headed Amazon, would say, most notably, “It’s a beautiful day” over and over again just to get some attention or a treat. When excited, White Fronts can have a loud, slightly shrill voice so, even though they are small, they may not be suitable for apartments. White Fronts can be a fairly dominant Amazon so need firm boundaries set to keep them sweet and well behaved. 


White Fronted Amazons, when mature, can act out during breeding season in the early spring like many of the larger Amazons.  This behavior is easy to read (see Amazon parrot page for more information); be sure to respect the birds’ moods as it is not wise to pick up an overloaded Amazon without a stick. White Fronts make wonderful companions as they are so spunky and playful. 

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