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Avalon Aviary has a wonderful walk-in store with an enormous supply of bird toys and a large selection of other high-quality bird supplies. We carry many unique items that come from our own bird toy company, TLC Bird Toys, as well as other bird toy suppliers we trust including: SuperBird, King's Cages, Zoo-Max, Caitec, Planet Pleasures, Diamond Avian, and more. Our knowledgeable staff can assist you whether you visit us or call for mail order.

Why should you purchase your bird products from us?

  1. We provide safe, quality products you need and want for your bird(s), and if we don't have it we will try to get it for you.
  2. Our knowledgeable, specialized staff can help you with your selections. Not just because we carry the products, but because our birds use them.
  3. We have most items in stock and can ship promptly.
  4. You vote with your dollars. If you believe that the world needs ethical, high-quality breeders who put the birds first, and who provide excellent customer education, please don't spend your money with places that do the opposite. Puppy mills and feather factories and the stores that support them are what validate the unreasonable efforts of the radical animal rights activists to make all pet ownership illegal. By purchasing from those places, you are voting with your dollars. Without your business, we cannot continue to exist and make a difference in the lives of so many birds and their people.
  5. A percentage of our profits go to support highly selected, reputable parrot rescue and conservation programs and allow Avalon to operate our shelter so we can rescue and rehome birds in need. By buying products from us you are also helping birds in need, both captive and in the wild.

Bird Toys and Bird Toy Parts

Bird toys for every size of bird, and for every play style! We have a broad range of destructible, indestructible, noisy, snuggly, privacy, foraging, preenable, moveable, take-apart, swing-from and hand held bird toys for birds of all sizes and experience. We also have our own bird toy company, TLC Bird Toys, which makes many unique items. We bought this company that was going to close up because they never made a toy that our birds didn't love!

Bird Cages and Accessories

We offer top-quality parrot cages from King's that are double powder coating with non-toxic coating for birds. They last longer, stay together better, and are safer than many lower quality options available to you. We also offer roosting shelves, many kinds of perches, spare feeding cups (including indestructible, dump-proof cups) perch height adjusters, toy hangers that can't be opened by your birds, privacy tents for sleeping and other handy parrot cage accessories. Primary cages, travel cages, sleep cages. Some bird cages for less destructive species are also available. We have used cages available as well. (Please note that you will not find cages in our online store. They are not cost effective to ship.)

Perches, Ladders, Swings & Playstands

 We carry natural branch perches (with bark or sandblasted manzanita), indestructible perches, grooming perches, shower perches, and rope perches. We also carry perch height adjusters that prevent perches from sliding down your cage bars, and can be used to secure swings in dome-top cages. For beak and nail grooming we offer Sandy Perch® grooming perches. For aerobic exercise we offer a wide range of bird swings and bungees. We also have ceiling stand-offs to protect your ceiling, and bungee stands in case you don't want to make a hole in your ceiling. We have plastic chains and ladders to build climbing skills and to help your bird get back up from the bottom of wherever. We offer an assortment of tabletop, floor standing, and hanging play stands. These play stands are made from parrot beak-tough easy-to-clean plastic (Parrot Tower®), sandblasted manzanita wood (sandblasting this incredibly hard wood makes it not so slippery, so birds can perch with confidence) we also have grapevine, which is much more difficult to destroy and more.

Healthy Bird Food 

We carry a range of food for parrots of all sizes including Harrison's Bird Diet® organic pellets and mashes , Hagen Tropican and Tropimix, Roudy Bush Maintenance and California Blend, Top's Organic Pellets, Caitec Oven Fresh Bites,and Zupreem. We also carry some lovely special seed mixes from GoldenFeast, Kaylor of Colorado, and Top's Organic. We provide many kinds of nuts year round, fried fruit treats, Millet, and Nutriberries. We also have a range of soak n' cook products from Bird Street Bistro and Kaylor of Colorado. We have a range of food cups, including indestructible and dump-proof cups. For making food more fun we have some wonderful foraging toys where you can hide treats, plus bird-safe stainless steel skewers you can hang in the cage to entertain your bird with large hunks of food.

Leashes & Carriers

Walk with your bird outside on a bird leash. Keep your bird safe when going outdoors or on a trip with easy-to-clean, airline approved, bird beak-tough carriers equipped with perches for good gripping and places to hang toys on the side. Collapsible travel cages (for when you arrive at your destination) are coming soon.

Cleaning, Grooming, Lighting & First Aid

We offer bird-safe, aviary-approved disinfectant for deep cleaning your cage. For bathing your bird, we have shower perches for all sizes of birds. We are expanding our offerings of first aid supplies.

Books, Videos and Magazines

Companion Parrot Quarterly, Bird Talk and Birds USA magazines are on our shelves. We have a range of excellent books to help you learn about your bird, how to care for it, understanding its behavior and teaching it tricks. Included on our shelves is Sally Blanchard's Companion Parrot Handbook, along with a broad range of general care and species-specific information, plus special topics such as Bird-Safe House Plants, Parrot Toys and Play Areas, and a variety of trick training approaches. We offer both videos and books.

Special Packages

We have a checklist to help you get started and know what your bird needs. We offer gift certificates for that special someone who loves their bird.

Bird Theme Things for People

Stained glass birds and nightlights, art, and bird theme clothing and decor.

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