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Pionus Parrots

  • Blue Headed Pionus
Pionus parrots are a wonderful medium sized bird. We raise one species of Pionus parrots at Avalon Aviary. The Blue Headed Pionus, Pionus menstruus, is mostly green with a brilliant blue head. Pionus parrots are stocky birds with short tails. All Pionus species have fancy red vent feathers, and are strikingly beautiful in their own unique ways. These gentle little birds live mostly in northern South America across Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela and Brazil.
Pionus parrots range in size from 9-11 inches in length and weigh 225-275 grams. 

Pionus parrots are sweet, playful birds with stable personalities. They are relatively quiet, though they will occasionally let out a good yell. Pionus parrots are gentle, rarely bite, and are easy to get along with. They like things to be fairly calm and quiet around them. They are playful and cuddly, and love to sit in a lap and play with toys, or to just be in the room with their family. Some Pionus parrots are physically affectionate, appreciating being petted and skritched. Others tend not to be quite so physically affectionate. All Pionus parrots love to be included in what is going on in their family flock. Pionus parrots tend to be very soft beaked (that is, they tend to bite gently) and prefer toys that are of soft wood that are easier to destroy. Pionus parrots can learn a few words, but don't tend to talk extensively. They do love to make wild jungle noises that are really fun.

Pionus parrots are easy-going birds that rarely act out during breeding season, though when they do get worked up they will puff up all of their feathers and strut along their perch. When Pionus are posturing like that, be cautious about picking them up because they are very worked up and might bite. It is prudent, if you need to move a bird with this posture, to pick them up with a stick to maintain relationship.

When Pionus parrots are nervous or frightened they sometimes make wheezing noises that sound like they have asthma or some kind of horrible upper respiratory infection. This reaction is normal for them and should not cause concern other than to remove the thing that is frightening them.

Pionus parrots are wonderful parrots that are relatively easy to care for. They are good for people with children, and quiet enough for most apartment dwellers. They like things to stay pretty low key and do well if left alone during the day as long as they have plenty of toys and get lots of attention when their family is home. A Pionus parrot will bring a gentle, sweet spirit into a household.

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