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Bird Breeding, Boarding, and Bird Supply Store in Loveland, CO                                            

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Avalon Aviary Bird Store is located at:  
3408 N Garfield Ave (Hwy 287) Loveland, Colorado 80538 (see map)
Contact us: Ph: (970) 663-5004 - Fax: (970) 667-4693
Follow us: facebook and instagram @avalonaviary

Avalon Aviary Bird Store has a standing invitation to those who love parrots. We invite you to stop by whenever you are in Loveland, Colorado.

We have a helpful, knowledgeable staff with many years of parrot experience. We can introduce you to and help you select the right parrot species for your interests and lifestyle, and we can help you select the right toys and supplies that your parrot needs. We freely share parrot psychology, handling techniques, and care information.

Bird Store Hours 
Monday:         10 am - 6 pm
Tuesday:        10 am - 6 pm
Wednesday:   10 am - 6 pm
Thursday: CLOSED (Temporarily)
Friday:            10 am - 6 pm
Saturday:       9 am - 6 pm
Sunday:         11am - 5 pm

Bird Grooming - Professional and compassionate bird grooming by Dianalee Deter now the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month. (Please visit our Events Page for details)

Bird Boarding

Avalon Aviary offers loving and professional Boarding Services

Some of the need-to-know basics about boarding with Avalon:

1) Your bird can stay in one of our designated boarding cages or you can bring the cage your bird is comfortable in for their stay at the same price to you. (We may, at times, have larger standalone cages available for an additional $50 flat fee for their entire stay.)

2) We feed our birds a combination of pellets (Usually Hagen & Harrison's with some TOPs or RoudyBush pellets added in) with a little bit of species appropriate, healthy seed mix. In the mornings we also offer an enriching, in-store prepared, fresh chop every day. We can provide the same for your boarding bird(s) at no additional charge. If your bird is eating a different diet, you will need to purchase that here or bring enough with them to provide for them during their stay. Feeding notes: We do not feed food that has to be cooked or frozen as it must be removed within 2 hours (for the birds’ safety) and we cannot commit to that due to our size and staffing. We require that the birds have access to dry food all day (pellets and seed) and that any fresh food provided (yours or ours) is done so in the morning. Since we spend hours a week preparing our vegetable chop, we do not have time to chop of vegetables and fruit if you bring some specifically for your bird so please chop it up before bringing it.

3) Our birds get showers on Thursdays, which is fun for everyone. We would be happy to provide a shower for your bird, which is also included in the boarding price.

4) Our boarding birds really seem to enjoy their time here but require that you bring (or purchase) toys for your bird(s) during their stay for enrichment and comfort. We provide perches in our cages, but not toys and we don't want any birds to be bored or frustrated when we are busy which can result in stress and negative behaviors. So please bring at least 1 of their favorite toys or you can purchase some here when you arrive.

5) Finally, we do require a vet visit (within the last year) that includes a complete physical exam AND CBC test before you board your bird with us for the first time. Some results can take several days to get so please plan ahead. If you do not add any more birds to your household and they haven’t been exposed to any other birds in any way, this does not need to be repeated yearly. We want to ensure the birds in our care are healthy and free of communicable diseases for the well-being and safety of all the birds here at Avalon.

6) Our extremely reasonable prices are based on the size of the birds, the number of cages, and the length of stay. The longer the stay, the lower the daily rate. Please give us a call for specific prices for your bird(s).

Our highly trained team would love to take care of your bird.  If you have any questions about boarding or would like to reserve your bird(s) stay with Avalon, please give us a call.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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