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Parrot Breeder, Shelter, Pet Bird Boarder, and Pet Bird Supply Store in Colorado

Avalon Aviary is a Model Aviculture Program (MAP) certified parrot breeder

At Avalon, we raise delightful companion parrots for well-qualified homes. Our hand-raised parrots are properly-weaned, well-socialized, self-confident, happy, and healthy. Anyone interested in purchasing a parrot from Avalon is required to complete an interview application with an Avalon Aviary representative to ensure the best placement of our birds. 

Browse our informational parrot specific links below to learn more about the types parrots we typically breed at Avalon Aviary: (We do acquire some other parrot species from local trusted breeders that may not be listed below, so this is not a complete list of the baby birds that Avalon raises.)

Details about the birds that are available at this time can be found in the links below. As both a breeder and a rescue, we may have babies and/or adults at any given time. Please note that while we aim to keep these lists up to date, contacting us is the best way to determine availability.

See available Baby Birds HERE

See available Adult Birds HERE 

African Grey Parrots

African Grey Parrots
African Greys, the "Einstein Birds"

Avalon Aviary's Walk-In Bird Store
offers the best selections of high quality pet bird food, treats, toys, cages, and supplies.

Visit our Online-Store to browse and purchase many (though not all) of the items we sell in store. At this time, our online selection is growing as we are working to add products we will continue to carry.

Please contact us if our online store doesn't contain something you are looking for and we can place an order over the phone if we have it in stock.

Amazon Parrots

Amazon Parrots
Amazon parrots are joy incarnate in feathers

Caiques Caiques
Caiques are the clowns of the parrot family

Why purchase your birds supplies from us?
Read about why your purchases from Avalon Aviary are so important and about the types of things you will find at our store.

Electus Parrots

Eclectus Parrots
Eclectus parrots are feathered jewls, prim and proper

Cages and Supplies
We source and sell the highest quality cages, cage supplies, and toys for your pet bird, as well as all the the items linked and listed below. Make sure to read about how to choose the proper cage and all the supplies you will need before bringing your feathered friend home.  

Miniature Macaws

Miniature Macaws
Miniature macaws all the personality of the large macaws in smaller bodies

Healthy Bird Food
At Avalon, we only carry the best (not the cheapest) food for your birds and ours. This includes high quality pellet diets, seed mixes, nuts, and soak 'n cook foods. A healthy diet is crutial to your birds overall mental and physical wellbeing, so we created a healthy feeding guide to keep you on the right track. 

Large Macaws

Large Macaws
Brilliant colors, huge beaks, and a range of flamboyant personalities distinguish the large macaws

Perches, Ladders, Swings & Playstands
Multiple options of varied textures are a basic framework for how your bird interacts with it's cage when you aren't around. These encourage exercise and exploration, both vital to a healthy bird. 

Pionus Parrots

Pionus Parrots
Pionus parrots are sweet, playful, cuddly, calm and quiet, good for apartments

Leashes & Carriers
Keep your bird safe when taking your bird outdoors, even a slight gust of wind could end in heartbreak. Train your bird early to be comfortable around and inside of these so they are safe. 

Poicephalus Parrots

Poicephalus Parrots
Parrots in the Poicephalus family are quiet, shy, very sweet and playful

Cleaning, Grooming & First Aid
Typical household cleaners are not safe to use around birds, in their cages, or on their toys. Make sure to use safe, bird specific cleaners for their safety and also for their function. These cleaners save you a lot of elbow grease because they're made to do the dirty work. 

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Seagrass Activity Wall
Price: $27.99
Seagrass Activity Wall
Hours of climbing, playing, and fun.
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