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 Handy Reference: Bird Play Styles

Birds need an assortment of toys to stimulate and soothe them in various ways. Select toys that are appropriate to your birds' size and play style for maximum enjoyment.

Toy Category
Dangling Hang these from the top or side of your cage. Make sure your bird can get to the toy to play with it. Many birds love to climb and swing and beat up dangling toys.
Destructible These were made to be destroyed. Satisfies your hookbill's need to shed, tear and make toothpicks. Select tougher toys for your mature, experienced chewers who will tear up anything, and note that some birds only enjoy shredding items that are easy to destroy. At certain times of the year birds increase their need to chew, so be sure to have some extra destructibles on hand.
Details & Texture Some birds, such as eclectus, love toys with lots of textures, colors, shapes and smaller pieces. These toys are for those detail-oriented birds who love to observe and play with toys that have lots of littler pieces.
Easy to Destroy Made from thinner parts, soft wood, palm fronds, skewers you can load with veggies and other easily destroyed materials, these toys will satisfy your hookbill's need to shred something with that powerful beak. Easy to destroy toys are very satisfying for young and inexperienced birds, reluctant chewers and adolescent birds who would relish something they can destroy fairly quickly. Some birds find these to be the most fun destructibles no matter their age or experience.
Educational Teach your bird new skills and have fun at the same time. Training time can be some of the most enjoyable time you spend with your bird. Most birds love to learn new skills, no matter their age or size. Educational toys provide good stimulation and help prevent boredom. Be sure to select items sized properly for your bird.
Foot Toys Occupy those talons and beaks! Birds love foot toys they can carry around and focus their attention on. Also, chewy foot toys can be an effective diversion to direct a bird to chew something appropriate when they are being especially beaky.
Foraging Challenge and stimulate your bird's natural foraging behavior with treat and toy rewards that have to be worked for. Keep your bird entertained and busy while you are at work. When introducing this type of toy for the first time, be sure your bird sees that something GOOD is hidden inside. Make sure you remove anything that will spoil after a suitable length of time.
Indestructible These toys are very tough and should have a long life with your bird. Indestructible toys are typically foraging toys or toys with moving parts. While there is no such thing as totally indestructible, these come as close as possible.
Mechanical For those feathered engineers, these toys have parts that your bird can slide, move, push & pull, spin around, push, unscrew or take apart. Included in this group are puzzle toys that the bird can manipulate for a food reward or just for the pleasure of taking it apart, as well as toys with intriguing moving pieces.
Mirrored Such a pretty birdie in the mirror! Can help with boredom and feather picking. Be sure that the size you select is appropriate so your bird cannot break and chew up the plastic mirror. Caution: some birds can fall in love with the birdie in the mirror - if your bird is becoming overly sexual or aggressive with you, remove the mirror.
Noise Maker Birds love to make NOISE! Especially loved are bells, pieces that clank together and toys that rattle. Some birds also love toys that play music when they press a button. We have taught several birds to ring a bell instead of screaming to be let out of their cages in the morning. Noisy toys are great stress reducers for your bird.
Play Inside A bird can crawl and roll around inside of "play inside" toys. Alternatively, you can put foot toys or safe toy pieces inside of so your bird can pick them out at will, like a toy box.
Preenable A bird's beak is designed to preen and smooth their feathers for survival. Preenable toys use that sensitive attention to detail. They can be preened, teased out into a bushy shape, shredded or woven. These toys are great stress relievers, and can provide alternatives to feather destructive behaviors.
Ring or Wreath Includes simple ring-swings to ring shaped toys with lots of pieces and parts that go all the way around. There are also some rings of preenable material where a bird can hang out and feel secure and private.
Side Mount These are designed to be mounted on the side of the cage, either inside or outside, for your bird's entertainment. Typically these are located at the end of a perch, or in front of a perch that is fairly close to the toy so the bird can easily access the whole toy.
Sliding Parts For the birds who love to move parts from one place to another along a chain or rod, push & pull or slide up and drop, these toys are the best!
Snuggly & Privacy Having a nice snuggly or privacy toy can be very reassuring for many birds. Shy birds or birds who feel private can hide behind or within and peek out at the world. Snuggly toys are fun to preen, lean on and nap next to on a roosting perch, like a flock mate.
Swingers & Climbers Support your bird's need for exercise and being acrobatic. These toys can be climbed, dangled from, swung around on and generally become a centerpiece of an athletic bird's essential equipment.
Toy Bin Toy bins are containers where toys and toy pieces can be placed by you and selectively removed by your bird. Toy bins can be used inside or outside the cage.
Toy Parts & Chews Many toy parts are also toys by themselves, and work great as foot toys or as pieces to put in a toy bin, hide in a foraging toy or stash within a play inside toy. Plus, you can build or rebuild toys yourself for your bird.
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