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Green Cheeked

The Green Cheeked Amazon, Amazona viridigenalis, also known as the Mexican Red Headed Amazon, is primarily green with red on the forehead and crown with the back of the head washed with blue and fluorescent green cheeks.  In the wild, Green Cheeks live in north-eastern Mexico. 


Green Cheeked Amazons are a medium sized Amazon at about 13 inches in length and weighing approximately 270 grams.


Green Cheeked Amazons are a sweet tempered Amazon similar in personality to the Red Lored and Lilac Crowned Amazons.  They are gentle and easy going but still very playful and affectionate.  Green Cheeks don’t tend to talk as well as some of the Amazons, but can pick up a few words.  They have a melodious voice and a lot of wild natural calls.   


Like most species of Amazon, the Green Cheek can act out during breeding season in the early spring, but tend not to overload as easily as the Yellow Amazons.  They are an intelligent species but not as dominant as some; they do still need firm boundaries set and good socialization to keep them sweet, however.  Green Cheeks make wonderful companions as they are sweet and gentle and very even tempered.

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