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All Natural Only wood, rope, vegetable-tanned leather, palm fronds and other natural materials. No metal (except central chain and/or quick link). May be dyed. No plastic. No bells.
Bell Includes at least one bell
Chain Includes either nickel plated, stainless steel or chrome plated chain, or parts may be strung on chain (some strong beaked birds snip leather or rope)
Cholla Cactus Includes some nice dried cholla cactus stems (has holes in it, no sharp spines)
Cloth Includes soft cloth
Kush Ball Includes a soft plastic kush ball
Leather Includes vegetable tanned leather chunks or strips, or parts may be strung on leather
Metal Metal structure (may be all metal, mostly metal, powder-coated or bare metal, or strung on heavy-duty metal wire). The metal itself is usually bird-safe steel or aluminum.)
Mirror Your bird can see it's reflection in this material
Natural Pieces Includes pieces of branch with bark, coconut, cholla, palm fronds, feathers, etc.
No Dye No dyed parts, only natural colors
Paper Includes paper or bird-safe cardboard
Plastic Includes marbella, pony beads, acrylic, hard plastic or soft plastic
Pony Beads Includes pony beads for smaller birds or soft-beaked larger birds who love detailed parts
Rawhide Includes rawhide (untanned leather)
Rope: Cotton Includes cotton rope or parts may be strung on rope
Rope: Paulie Strung on bird-safe plastic paulie rope (difficult for smaller birds to snip)
Rope: Sisal or Jute Includes sisal or jute or parts may be strung on sisal or jute
Rubber / Soft Plastic Includes bird-safe rubber or soft plastic
Shoe Laces Includes at least one shoelace
Stainless Steel All metal parts are stainless steel
Wiffle Ball Includes at least one wiffle ball
Wood: Hard All wood included is hard wood. Chunks of hard wood are especially good for birds that are experienced, destructive chewers as hard wood tends to hold up longer to strong beaks. Many manufactured wood shapes that less destructive birds love are also hard wood, such as hearts, stars, etc. Hard wood includes manzanita, oak, maple, birch, grape vine, etc.
Wood: Hard & Soft Includes a balanced mixture of hard and soft woods
Wood: Soft Majority of wood is soft wood. Soft wood is especially good for younger birds who are learning to destroy. Many birds will always prefer soft wood that they can easily destroy. Soft wood includes balsa, pine, fir, etc. May include a few fun shapes of hardwood.
Wood: Thin Includes thin slices of wood for smaller birds or to encourage inexperienced or soft-beaked larger birds to destroy
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