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Bird Grooming with Dianalee Deter:

WHAT: Nail trimming, Flight feather trimming, and/or Beak trimming
                        WHEN: 2nd and 4th SATURDAY of each month. 
                        TIME: 10 am - 4:30 pm
                        WHERE: Avalon Aviary Bird Store's Event Center
                        HOW: Call Avalon Aviary Bird Store to schedule your appointment: (970) 663-5004

Pricing and Payment:
                       Canary or Finch: $10 ea
                       Budgies, Parrotlets, Cockatiels, or XS Conures (Black Capped and Green Cheek): $15 ea
                       Small Parrots (Sun Conures and larger) or Medium Parrots: $20 ea
                       All Large Parrots (Macaws and Cockatoos): $25 ea

Dianalee Deter accepts cash and checks at the time of the appointment.



PLEASE NOTE:  Once the COVID-19 risk and restrictions are minimal we will begin re-launching workshops, special guest speaker classes, birdie brunch, toy making classes, and other fun activities.
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