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Senegal Parrot

The Senegal parrot, Poicephalus senegalus, is a beautiful member of the Poicephalus family with a grey head, green wings and a distinct green "V" on the upper chest, a bright orange/yellow belly and bright red eyes. In the wild, they are from Central-western Africa in southern Mauritania and Mali through Senegal and the Gambia to Guinea, parts of the Ivory Coast, through Ghana, Togo and Dahomey, and eastern and north-eastern Nigeria, northern Cameroon and south-western Chad.


The Senegal is a smaller parrot at about 9 inches in length and weighing around 125 grams. 


Senegals are fun little parrots with lots of personality. They are not as shy as some other members of their family, but tend to be more on the bold side. Many are very affectionate and playful, while others can be a bit shyer. Like most Poicephalus, Senegals like to have a tent to hide in when they are feeling vulnerable, but when comfortable will come out to investigate what is going on. Some Senegals can even be bullies, pushing around slightly larger parrots to get their way.  Senegals are a fairly quiet bird, though their alarm call and hungry baby cry can be quite loud and piercing. They can learn to say a few words, but tend not to be huge talkers. They love a lot of interaction and like to be in the middle of things.  Most are content to just hang out in the middle of the action. They make wonderful companions, and do well in apartments, and also do fairly well with well behaved, calm children. 


Like most Poicephalus, Senegals tend to hold a grudge against any who cause them fear, and have a long memory.  It is best to do everything possible not to scare a Poicephalus unnecessarily.  


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