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Brown Headed Parrots

The Brown-Headed Parrot, Poicephalus cryptoxanthus, is a subtly colored member of this family.  They are a muted green with a light brown head and bright yellow under the wings.  Their eyes are a light yellow. The wild population lives in south-eastern Africa, in Zimbabwe, Mozambique, South Africa, Malawi, Tanzania and coastal Kenya.


Brown Headed Parrots are usually about 9 inches in length and weigh around 125 grams. 


Brown Heads are similar in personality to most of the members of the Poicephalus family, but tend to be a bit milder mannered.  They tend to be a bit quieter and a bit gentler. Like other Poicephalus, Brown Heads can be very playful, acrobatic, and fun-loving.  They can become nippy when overly excited and playing hard, but by closely watching their behavior, this is easy to avoid.  Brown Heads are reputed, along with the Red Bellies, to be the best talkers of the Poicephalus family, though this does not guarantee that any particular individual will talk. They, like many other African birds, tend to pick up a lot of household sounds as well like the telephone, doorbell and microwave. When excited, they can make a high pitched call that can be a bit shrill, but this does not seem to happen very often. Brown Heads like a calm environment, and are happiest when there is not a lot of chaos around.  They could do well with a calm, well behaved child, but most children tend to be too active for their liking. They need to be handled in a calm gentle way at all times. Brown Heads have a long memory, and will hold a grudge against anyone who has scared them. They can have a tendency to be independent, liking their own space and time to do their own thing, though they do like to be in the middle of things and to see what is going on the household at the same time. They will accept cuddling on their own terms, but don’t care to have it forced on them. Because they tend to be a quieter bird, they can be good for an apartment.


Brown Headed parrots are sweet, loving little birds with very gentle natures.  A Brown Head would make a wonderful addition to a calm, quiet household, and bring much joy with their affectionate, independent and playful personality. 


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