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Timneh African Grey

Timneh African Grey parrots, Psittacus erithacus timneh, are smaller and not as well known as their larger cousins the Congo African Greys. They are predominately dark gray, with dark maroon tails and a white patch of skin around their eyes. Timneh African Greys have black upper beaks with pink areas on each side. Their lower beaks are black. They originate from Africa in southern Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia and the Ivory Coast.

Timneh African Greys are around 12 inches in length and weigh around 320 grams.

Timneh African Grey parrots are outgoing and playful. Like the Congos, they can also develop large vocabularies. Also, like the Congos, they are intelligent and need a lot of stimulation to keep them occupied. Timneh African Grey parrots tend to be more outgoing and unafraid of new things than the Congos. Timnehs have a lot of energy and love to explore new things. They also can be a little bit dominant and bossy.

Timneh African Greys, like the Congo African Greys, tend to be hard beaked, meaning they don't often give a gentle warning nip when they are being asked to do something they really don't want to do. Because of this, they are not the best choice of bird to have around small children.

Timneh African Grey parrots are a wonderful, fun, intelligent bird to have as a companion. They love to play, and thrive when given challenges to overcome which makes it fun to teach them tricks. They are an excellent addition to the right household.

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