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As parrot breeders, we raise delightful companion parrots for well-qualified homes. As a bird supply store, Avalon Aviary offers the best selection of bird toys, bird cages and accessories, playstands and bird swings, healthy bird food and everything your pet birds need, from finches to macaws.

Our Birds

Avalon Aviary is a Model Aviculture Program (MAP) certified facility. Our hand-raised parrots are properly-weaned, well-socialized, self-confident, happy and healthy.

Bird Supply Store

Our knowledgeable staff can assist you whether you visit our wonderful walk-in store or call for mail order. Our on-line store is coming soon. Products for birds of all sizes.

African Grey Parrots

African Grey Parrots
African Greys, the "Einstein Birds"

Bird Toys and Bird Toy Parts
Broad selection of toys for birds of all sizes and all play styles

Amazon Parrots

Amazon Parrots
Amazon parrots are joy incarnate in feathers

Bird Cages and Accessories
Cages for birds of all sizes, from macaws to finches

Caiques Caiques
Caiques are the clowns of the parrot family

Perches, Ladders, Swings & Playstands
Perches for all occasions. Wide range of bird swings for aerobic exercise. Interesting and unusual play stands.

Electus Parrots

Eclectus Parrots
Eclectus parrots are feathered jewls, prim and proper

Healthy Bird Food
Pelleted diets, seed mixes, nuts, soak n’ cook, sprouting mixes

Miniature Macaws

Miniature Macaws
Miniature macaws all the personality of the large macaws in smaller bodies

Leashes & Carriers
Keep your bird safe when taking your bird outdoors

Large Macaws

Large Macaws
Brilliant colors, huge beaks, and a range of flamboyant personalities distinguish the large macaws

Cleaning, Grooming & First Aid
Disinfectants, shower perches, mister bottles, full spectrum lights, first aid

Pionus Parrots

Pionus Parrots
Pionus parrots are sweet, playful, cuddly, calm and quiet, good for apartments

Books, Videos and Magazines
Behavior, training, general care and species-specific information

Poicephalus Parrots

Poicephalus Parrots
Parrots in the Poicephalus family are quiet, shy, very sweet and playful.

Special Packages
Check lists, starter kits, package discounts, complete set-ups, gift certificates

Resource Center
Helpful information and articles about issues in aviculture that we are passionate about, plus links to resources we find valuable.

Bird - Theme Things for People
Iron-on patches, jewelry

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