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Green Cheeked Conures

Green cheeked conures, Pyrrhyra molinae, are predominantly green with a grey head, bright green cheeks, white eye rings, black tipped white feathers around the neck in the front, blue flight feathers, maroon tail feathers and a bit of red on the belly.  They are from west-central Brazil, Mato Grosso, northern and eastern Bolivia, north-west Argentina, and possibly parts of Paraguay in the wild. 


Green cheeks are a small species of conure that are approximately 10 inches in length and weighing between 60-80 grams.


Green cheeks are delightful little parrots with tons of personality. One of the quieter conures, Green cheeks have a melodious little voice that can be demanding when they are hungry but overall are very pleasant to listen to, unlike many of their larger cousins. They may be able to learn a few words, but are not known for their talking ability. They love to cuddle inside tents and clothing. They can be a dominant little bird, and can get a bit nippy of not kept well socialized. Green cheeks are fun, playful birds with lots of energy.

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