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Bird Size Guide

Birds sized by chewing ability / interest in chewing
Tiny BirdsTiny Birds Finches, Canaries, small Budgerigars, small Parakeets, Neophema and other Australian Parakeets, small Cockatiels
Petite BirdsPetite Birds English Budgerigars, large Cockatiels, Lovebirds, Quakers, small Conures, Parrotlets and other very small parrots (Hanging, Fig, etc.), Rosellas, large Parakeets, Lorikeets, some small Poicephalus (Meyers, Senegals, Brown Heads)
Small BirdsSmall Birds Pionus, Lories, large Lovebirds, small Mini Macaws, medium Conures (Suns, Nandays, Jendays, etc.), Rose Breasted and Goffins Cockatoos, medium Poicephalus (some Senegals, Red Bellies, Brown Heads, some Jardines), King Parrots, Ring Necked Parakeets, Caiques, small Amazons (White Fronted, Yellow Shouldered, Lilac Crown, etc.), African Greys, most Eclectus, small Tanygnathus (Blue Naped, Mullers), Hawkheads, Brotogeris (Grey Cheeked and similar Parakeets)
Medium BirdsMedium Birds Medium Amazons (Blue Fronted, Double Yellow, Yellow Crown, Orange Wing, etc.), Severe Macaws Patagonian Conures, medium Cockatoos, African Greys, Great Bills, some Jardines, Cape Parrots, Red Fronted Macaws
Large BirdsLarge Birds Large Amazons (Mealy, large Yellow Napes, etc.), large Cockatoos, most large Macaws, large Tanygnathus (Great Bills)
X-Large BirdsX-Large Birds Largest Cockatoos (Moluccan), Largest Macaws (Green Winged, Hyacinth and extra-large or very destructive Macaws)
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