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Avoid being scammed

Let's talk scammers. It's an uncomfortable but important topic that isn't addressed enough. So let's be honest - there are a lot of scammers out there when it comes to exotic birds. We know we won't always have the right bird for everyone and it's frustrating to hear how many people have been duped by fake websites claiming to be legitimate breeders. We even have them pop up in the comments on our facebook page. They are bold, plentiful, and unfortunately they take advantage of parrot lovers.


So always be cautious and diligent if you do decide to buy a bird that you cannot meet first. While Avalon does have the ability to sell (some) birds out of state there are some things we do in those cases that you will not experience with a scammer:

  1. We conduct an interview/application over the phone. It's lengthy to ensure it's the proper home and we answer all your questions without hesitation.
  2. We only accept credit cards or cash for deposits (not wire transfer, prepaid debit cards, or facebook payments) and only after a contract has been signed by both parties.

There are some great ways to avoid being scammed which are detailed on the BBB website (linked below); however we feel it's incomplete. Make sure you carefully research all of the following as well:

  1. Location - If there is no physical address or location listed anywhere on their website or social media; that's a red flag. If you ask them where they are located and they ask you first to respond where you are located; that's a red flag.
  2. Reviews - If there are no ratings or reviews for the business on google or their social media page; that's a red flag. Often if a facebook page only has negative reviews it won't show their rating. You have to go look for it. They are there somewhere unless the page turned off ratings, another red flag.
  3. Price - The prices are too good to be true. Many parrots are difficult and expensive to breed, handfeed, and socialize properly and with TLC. Extremely low prices would mean they are losing money and that's a red flag.
  4. Bird Pictures - If you see lovely pictures of parrots in homes or in a store, but the backgrounds in each post don't resemble any of backgrounds of other birds they post; that's a red flag. This means they are likely stolen pictures from other sites or owners.
  5. Avian Vet - If they cannot tell you who the Avian Vet is who cares for their birds; that's a red flag. All breeders have to have a vet they trust and have gone to enough for that vet to vouch for them. The vet should not have any of these red flags either.
  6. Website - If their website or social media pages are new; that's a red flag. Scammers eventually get found out and start over.
  7. Knowledge - You should be able to ask all of your burning questions from parrot care to nutrition and more. Most importantly, a breeder will be able to answer those questions thoroughly and with care for the birds needs, as their baby who they fed and nurtured and loved will soon be yours. They'll want what is best for the bird. If that's missing, it's a red flag you shouldn't overlook. Even if they aren't a scammer who won't deliver a bird, they could be breeding in unclean, unsafe, and careless conditions that you wouldn't want to perpetuate by paying them to continue to do so.
We love every one of our babies and want them to live full, enriching, happy lives in a home where they are loved and cared for properly. You should get that same genuine feedback anywhere you are getting a parrot. If that's lacking, follow your gut. It's probably right!

BBB Article - Scam Alert: Buying a Bird Online
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